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Founder & CEO of Ramp Your Voice! • Disability Rights Consultant, Writer, & Advocate • Life Coach • Motivational Speaker • Aspiring Children's Picture Book Author • LMSW • Macro Social Worker • Entrepreneur • Businesswoman • Writer • Blogger • Disabled Womanist • Proud Woman of Color with a Disability • Self-Advocate • Politically Active • Socially Conscious • Virtual Runner (5K & 10K Races) • A Student of Life • One-Of-A-Kind

Who is Vilissa?
I am the Founder & CEO of Ramp Your Voice!, an organization focused on promoting self-advocacy and strengthening empowerment among people with disabilities. Being a Disability Rights Consultant & Advocate affords me the opportunity to become a prominent leader and expert in addressing and educating the public and political figures about the plight of people with disabilities, especially women of color with disabilities, in America and abroad. I also strive to use my writing as a medium to empower and encourage women of color with disabilities to share their life stories and have a more visible presence in our society.

I am a self-advocate; I have spoken at public hearings to raise awareness about the needs of youth and adults with disabilities, as well as shared my life experiences as a woman of color with a disability.

I am also politically conscious; I am working towards becoming involved in politics so that I can spearhead the creation and implementation of more empowering and effective social policies and practices that will improve the lives of people with disabilities, especially women and those of color.

On a lighter, personal note:
I'm a modern Southern Belle who tells it like it is from her point of view. Some of the thoughts/opinions I express on this blog may be unconventional, but do not mistake me for someone who isn't educated. I do possess a Master's degree, but I don't just rely on my education alone; I use a seemingly forgotten thing called COMMON SENSE in my analyses of the world around me. The ideas I express are not meant to offend anyone, but sometimes the truth can be a hard pill to swallow. :)

I do ask that those who desire to post comments to be respectful; offensive comments will be DELETED. This is your only warning.

Until the writing bug "bites" me again, Roses & Tulips, Vilissa, a fearless advocate & heck-raiser for equality for all.

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Since I’ve made several photosets this year, I thought that it would be fitting to make one about my growing relationship with God.  Since graduating in May, I’ve been able to seek God more & more in my life, & I’m loving the relationship I’m building with Him.  I’m more at peace with what’s taking place in my life, both professionally & personally. I’m surrounding myself with those who are building me up spiritually, as well as those who are supportive of my dreams & who I am as a person.  

I hope that this photoset can be an inspiration to someone who is seeking & strengthening their relationship with God as I am.  

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